To attract your audience, you must reach out to them – you must do something that catches their attention and draws them in. That something in the online space is called digital, internet, local, or social marketing. Our concentration, first, is getting you noticed locally by utilizing a long-term strategic action plan. A local SEO or Search Engine Optimization strategy and action plan is the ground work used for growing and sets the stage for being found by your market in your area and on the internet.

The goal is to build digital footprints across the internet to increase your business reach.

Search engines rankings are not the only way to grow visibility online. Google My Business plays a major part in online business growth, of which, many online entrepreneurs miss the value of tapping into the power of that platform – or perhaps may not fully understand what that powerful resource can do for their business.

The Power and Value of Local SEO Marketing

small business owners that see internet marketing as an “effective” or a “very effective” tool to attract new customers.


consumers who conduct local searches on their smartphones go to a store within 24 hours, and nearly 50% make a purchase within a day


small businesses that plan to increase their digital marketing spend in the next 12 months


How SEO works at DIYpreneurs


The Initial Questionnaire aids in guiding our work meeting (Vision Consult) so that we remain focused and intentional in our efforts to maximize the time that we spend together. The Questionnaire also will be used as a guide for developing your core audience message and content, for SEO and site optimization.

Vision Consultation

A Vision Consultation is a 60-minute meeting at which we'll discuss the vision for your website - its purpose; who it is for (audience); what you will offer; what you want your audience to do while on your site, and so on. The Vision Consultation is key for setting a solid foundation not only for your site's design work but also for establishing a strong, stable foothold in the virtual marketplace.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Your site should deliver value to your audience. The value is what a customer or potential customer is looking for. Keyword research and analysis determines how effective a keyword will be in helping to send warm traffic leads to your website.

Competitor Research

Will take a look at top businesses in your industry already ranking already in top spots in Google's search engine to determine how they are currently using keywords that you may want to use in your optimization strategy. Also during this research phase, it is determined how competitive potential keyword strings are and whether you are able to compete with those already in top positions

On-Site Optimization

Optimizing a site is making it search engine ready so that the search engine knows how to index or categorize site information. Optimization is ever changing and is a continual work in progress that requires regular fine-tuning of page descriptions, titles, headings, keywords, image titles, content, meta tags, alt text, and more.

Google My Business

My team and I will correctly list your business in Google’s database and provide on-going management directly from the Google platform - making sure that your company's information is always updated such as company location (including setting correct Google map coordinates as needed), company description, services, hours of operation, and more. We will manage all reviews; create, monitor and respond to Q & A's; create and keep content fresh on your business profile.

Directory Citations

Where you are found online matters. That's why building citations (listings and profiles) manually in industry-related directories, Bing, Apple Maps, etc. with concentration on NAP consistency and citation volume is important to your get-found strategy.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will increase the number of relevant traffic (or visitors) to your website and this is what is difficult to achieve for most website ownersgetting qualified, relevant potential customers coming to their sites on a regular bases.

SEO of any kind requires that long-term action plans be put in place for seeing a steady flow of people coming to the website who are suitable candidates for your services or products.

There is no easy way or shortcuts with optimizing your website for search engines.

It’s hard, tedious, mostly repetitious work.

So from you, the business owner, we are looking for long-haul commitment and bull-dog determination to reach the goal of seeing desired outcomes

Ready to get found?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is simply about getting your name out there and getting your audience to visit your site, make calls, book appoints (whatever your goals are) that lead to conversions and sales.

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