Your website is the central hub on which everything else is built. It must be built on a solid framework.

I build sites for my clients on the same platform that my very own website is built upon – the Content Management System™ (CMS). CMS is has been around since 2003 and still is the most popular (retains 40% of the content management system market share) platform to build your website on.

Why Because you will have control over everything that goes on with your website, without limits. In complete opposite of going the free website route.

Think of it this way, it’s like comparing renting an apartment versus owning a home – with renting you have less responsibility for the upkeep and repair of the property – many see this as a good thing. I get it.

But also with renting, you can only customize your place just so much without violating some rule put in place by the landlord. The owner is in control and has the last say over everything concerning their property.

When you become a home owner, you are responsible for everything – repairs, upkeep, but it is worth it because it’s yours. You have the freedom to do what you want with it, as you please. 

Without going into all of the specific about here, the CMS is a reliable system, it’s good land on which to build your business headquarters. It’s still at the top of its game and is a system that I continue to trust and recommend.

How website design works at DIYpreneurs


The Initial Questionnaire aids in guiding our work meeting (the Vision Consult) so that we remain focused and intentional in our efforts to maximize the time that we spend together. The Questionnaire also will be used as a guide for developing your core audience message and for developing web content.

Vision Consultation

A Vision Consultation is a 60-minute meeting at which we'll discuss the vision for your website - its purpose; who it is for (audience); what you will offer; what you want your audience to do while on your site, and so on. The Vision Consultation is key for setting a solid foundation not only for your site's design work but also for establishing a strong, stable foothold in the virtual marketplace.

Project Scope

Once we've had our thorough “talk,” a Project Scope is prepared and will be presented to you. The Scope provides many details which includes information on the overall project itself: the unique design approach for your specific project; timelines; agreement and investment details; terms and conditions; support and warranties, and more are outlined in the Scope's blueprint.

Design Approach Phase

Research and development is taking place for layout and style schematics, the look-and-feel of of the site, and branding are determined; a domain name and a hosting plan is purchased and the beginning phases of setting up and configuring the site’s framework and structure begins.

Design Work Begins for All Devices

The core of the website work is well underway for desktop, mobile and tablet devices. The look-n-feel of the site is forming. You and I are communicating on needed content (logo, graphics, images, text, video, etc.) that will fill up the site.

Quality Analysis Conducted

Before your site is launched and made public for all to see, a thorough site audit is performed. I'm checking all structures, configurations and settings, and more to make sure that every setting, every link is working. Basically, the Analysis will help in locating any issues that need repaired and that navigation and site usability is difficulty-free before launching your website


Congratulations, it’s Launch Day! Your beautiful website is ready for business. 


1 %

of consumers in 2019 were online to find a local business

1 %

of website first impressions are design-related

1 %

of small businesses with a web presence generated more than 25% of their revenue online

3-in-1 Proprietary Design

A smartphone and tablet-responsive website is huge! It’s cutting edge technology. It’s modern.  It’s necessary.

Here’s why making sure your website’s design structures fit all mobile device sizes is so critical:


80% of internet users own a smartphone (Smart Insights, 2017)


57% of all U.S. online traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets (BrightEdge, 2018)


68% of consumers who conduct local searches on their smartphone go to a store within 24 hours; 50% make a purchase within a day 

(Google – 2016 data)


I believe those number have drastically changed since the global pandemic was full force in 2020. More people have adjusted to a new way of shopping, working, communicating and more – through the internet. 

We may get some of our lifestyle back once COVID-19 is under control. But there is an increasing number of new internet shoppers online searching and finding products and services that meet their needs. Many will not be going back to things as they have always been. They are adapting to newly discovered technologies.

Not only has the consumer been affected with this sudden shift of our old normal, many businesses have also been caught off guard, and find themselves having to adjust on the fly to sweeping changing in the way the world is doing business today, suffer through, or close their doors.

As a service provider, your presence is needed online where you can be readily found by your audience.

Mobile-friendly website design for the mobile phone and for the tablet are two distinctive websites, separate from the desktop design. So, you are getting our 3-in-1 proprietary website framework all in one project.

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