The ThriveSuccess System is a “continuing-the-success” plan that was created after recognizing that my clients needed more help from me than just building them pretty websites. Though very happy receiving their sites, most had no clue of what to do with it after taking ownership – which left me with a sinking feeling. 

I realized that DIYpreneurs needed to do more to help clients continue building on the business foundation formed (the website) to successfully reach online business goals discussed early in each project.

I do not believe that anyone investing effort, time and money into getting a website sets out to have it just sitting there and not being used as intended.

Three key components of the ThriveSuccess System are listed below. They are the building blocks for online business success. 

  • The website is the foundation. 
  • SEO marketing is the element that will bring growth and stability to the business. 
  • Finally, website management and security helps keep the technical aspects of the website staying powered up and in full working order. 

If the site goes down, then there goes business, no revenue… I think you get it. 

So really, one component of the system cannot exist and function properly without the other. They are intertwined and designed to work in unity for establishing and growing a strong internet business and online presence.

Website Design

A small business website is your virtual headquarters.  A professional looking website that displays authority and trust, contains valuable information, and houses products and services that solves your audience’s number one challenge may be the deciding factor for you getting a prospect’s business versus your competitors getting it.

Overview of site design process:

Search Engine Optimization

It doesn’t do much good to own a fabulous website and have great services to offer if no one can find them. You must get the word out that you are online and are open for business. Local Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the vehicle used to get the job done. This is the vehicle that sends people to your site, gets them to call, or schedule an appointment. Good SEO strategies lead to sales.

Overview of the SEO Process:

Website Management & Security

Website management and security is the glue that holds your online business existence together. If your site breaks down, if it is hacked, or if a virus interrupts its operations, these are great threats for destroying your business. 

Owning a website is not a set-it-and-forget-it deal. Just like owning a home, it is a valuable investment that appreciates over time and will pay dividends if kept up and running in optimal condition.

Protect yourself and your business by taking care of your website.

Overview of the Management & Security Process:

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