Your website is an investment that appreciates in value, if kept up. So, before your site is completed and open for business, who will be responsible for the technical maintenance and upkeep must be decided.

Besides supplying the frontend of your site with attention, regular technical adjustments, fixes, as well as upgrades are just as necessary to keep your website fully functional and operating properly for customers and visitors coming to your site. 

Owning a website, which is your business online, is a continuous, hands-on responsibility that, as a independent service provider, will fall in your lap if its care duties are not designated to someone else.

That’s is why DIYpreneur’s ThriveSuccess System is so, well, successful.

The system sets up the service provider business to thrive and to succeed by allowing DIYpreneurs to take the mundane, severely overlooked tasks for maintaining a website off of your plate. 

If you have the time and the know how to do the technical stuff yourself, then I, sincerely, wish you the all the best with managing your site. 

However, if you do not have the time or the know how to maintain the site yourself, then I recommend that you continue our partnership (or partner with me) to include this service in your ongoing growth success plan.

The Power and Value of Website Management & Security

1 %

Small business websites get updated less than once per year

1 %

Small business lack technical knowledge to maintain the site

1 %

Use help of a consultant and 31% use help of a website design company to maintain their site

How Site Management and Security

How Site Management and Security Works at

works at DIYpreneurs

30-Day Warranty

Continued quality assurance checks - ensuring the site continues to function properly is provided for 30 days after the website launch. I will also be available to answer your questions regarding any technical issue that may come up while under warranty.


Among the many technical maintenance services regularly performed for your website are daily site backups; software application updates; analyzing links and fixing broken links; checking and adjusting page load times and page speed - working towards gaining and keeping a top performing website. 


Your asset is being protected on a monthly security plan - protected from hacks, brute forces attacks, failed log in attempts, malware, loss data, and more. Your customers and visitors' private information is also being protected by making sure that site software is updated on a regular basis and encryption protection is working at its best.


Valuable in-depth site analysis reporting is also performed. The reports provide you with insights into the maintenance work that takes place each month. The monthly reports reveals the strategies and tasks completed that enhance the functionality and usability  of your site for the end user - which is your customer or a prospective customer.

Renewal Reminders

Monthly or annual subscription renewal reminders are invaluable to my clients. Failing to renew your site's software, hosting, domain, etc. subscriptions could cause your site to be shut down and taken offline, which is not good for business. But, renewals are easily forgotten, especially when you only need to renew, generally, once per year. I help you to remember your renewals well in advance of them becoming due. I will also set up your renewal packages in your accounts, if needed, as it can be quite confusing on what packages you actually should select and re-purchase.

Customer Support

You can reach me with your questions by email, text, or by calling. I am happy to help where I can.

DIYpreneurs Does all the Work

You do not need to worry about anything on the technical and security end of your website - I will take care of it all for providing better customer-first user experiences and "no- worries" peace of mind for you.

Ongoing website support is the first thing to consider as a website owner.

  • Who will be responsible for its all-around upkeep?
  • Who is going to keep it from being shut down?
  • Who is going to deal with all the technical aspects of running the site that provides the best customer or visitor experience?

If that’s not you, then who?

Choose one of the affordable Website Maintenance & Security plans below, leave the work in DIYpreneurs' hands, and don't worry about a thing.

Please note: website management and security plans are for WordPress websites only.

Perfect for Independent Business Owners

Essential - Standard


Regular System Updates
Regular Software & Apps Updates
Daily Server Backups w/30-Day Archive
Check & Fix Broken Links
Check & Fix Site Error Codes
Quick Status Reports Emailed Monthly
Renewals Due Reminders
Email and Text Support

Ideal for Small Businesses

Essential - Pro


Regular System Updates
Regular Software & Apps Updates
Daily Server Backups w/90-Day Archive
Check & Fix Broken Links
Check & Fix Site Error Codes
Regular Page Performance & Speed Checks
Regular Spam & Malware Scans
Mobile Responsive Fixes
Site Map Modifications
Detailed Site Analytics/Metrics Reporting- Emailed Monthly
Renewals Due Reminders
Email, Phone, or Text Support

This ThriveSuccess essential component:

  • is subscription based – meaning payments are recurring automatic monthly payments; and,
  • can by cancelled at any time and work on your site will stop immediately per your request.

If you have any questions before signing up for the service, please contact me and I’ll be glad to answer any questions that you may have.

Got a Question?

I’m happy to help where I can.

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