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There is nothing worse for a website visitor to arrive at a site only to get the sense that it has been abandoned. Information is not current. Links are broken. Expired offers are still showing.

For a website owner, managing your website may not at the top of the list of the many important things that must be done. Nonetheless, an unattended, disorganized website just will not do for demanding consumers.

Interesting Facts

1 %
Online sales

are lost when visitors can’t find content

1 %
Consumer engagement

will stop with a website if the content or layout is unattractive

Our Content Refresh services can alleviate the need for you to be the hands-on manager of your website content. We can help by:

We will do essential copywriting that adds fresh new content to the website pages – be it adding new company news or services, or new team members to adding new media such as graphics, images, or videos – there should be regular activity occuring  on the site that keeps customers coming back for more.

Periodic updates must be made to content already placed on the site but changes often like special offers, coupons, activities/event information.

Keeping content fresh and up to date gives your website search engine juice. The more content provided along with the quality of the content provided causes search engines like Google to pay attention to your site and index the site’s information. The more content indexed and that shows up in searches, the greater opportunities to be found by prospective customers.

Here’s more we can help you accomplish:

  • Adding  event registration pages and corresponding registration forms and setting up and linking payment gateways
  • Setting up, adding content and making periodic updates to page, post, images, etc. in your Google My Business pages

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