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It's more important to me that you get to know me by the value that I add to you.

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Anita Boyer – Pro Website Designer Akron Ohio

CEO | Founder
Anita Boyer, an Akron, Ohio native, is the founder and owner of Empowerment Alliance, LLC. Empowerment Alliance provides digital web and online growth solutions through and at its headquarters in Akron, Ohio. In addition, Empowerment Alliance offers leadership solutions for businesses, professionals, ministries and organizations that help them to - on purpose - become better in their lives, better business owners, better ministers, and better in their leadership roles as a whole.   Over the past 15 years, Anita has developed, established and grown several offline and online businesses. And in 2010, after becoming a certified Search Engine Optimization and Usability Specialist, she began training businesses on website and social media best practices. Through her business experiences – including all her successes and failures, she has gained an advanced proficiency for breaking down and teaching complex online systems that are clear and applicable for the end user. It is also through her dedication, passion, and a hard-work ethic (which is required for building a business online) that she is kind patience, and understanding, in addition to being supportive force while working with the unique needs of her busy clientele. Anita’s ongoing support to you comes by way of coaching and mentorship. These services aid those she works with to become intentional in working on their business and for implementing practical, actionable plans for accomplishing business goals or personal life aspirations. She strongly encourages her executives to take leaps of faith and make bold calculated moves. Anita brings to the table valuable contributions of energy, experience, and skills for providing dynamic, results-driven coaching, mentoring and training - making the services she provides distinctive and highly beneficial to the companies, organizations, and individuals that she serves. Anita’s operates in the teaching, coaching and speaking lanes – having done so, in one capacity or the other, for 10+ years. She also is a tech passionista and does not stray too far from doing the gritty behind-the-scenes work in the digital landscape. 


Anita holds both Bachelor and Associate degrees and several accredited and professional certifications. She is a certified Search Engine Optimization and Usability Specialist (SEO);
a certified Business and Executive Leadership and Life Coach; Speaker Teacher with the John C. Maxwell Team. In 2010, she began teaching business owners website, SEO and social media best practices.


Anita has been married to her very talented musician husband, Keith, for over 20 years.
She has two adult children, Wesley and Daniele, who are very gifted musicians in their own right.

"When in my spare time..."

I love reading biographies. I love reading books that help my business and me to grow. I love reading and studying the Bible.
I also love, love, love creating websites, teaching, crafting, and going thrift shopping to find interesting old stuff!

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